​Vikla is the beautiful abandoned village that sits right on the perimeter of the golf course.

The village was gradually abandoned by it's occupants as they sold their land to the people who established the olive plantation before it was turned into a golf course. The last occupant, the "Mukhtaris" or Mayor, left in around 1980. Unfortunately, time, earthquakes and a bush fire have resulted in most of the beautiful stone built houses, with their hand made tiled roofs, doing a fair bit of collapsing. What's left of the village is well worth a look if you're into that sort of thing, although we advise you not to enter any of the houses as a sudden collapse could result in you being the subject of fascination for some archaeologist many years from now.

Robin, the proprietor of the golf club, bought the land as an olive plantation before deciding that Cyprus needed it's first public golf course.

The project was conceived in 1990 and work began almost immediately. It soon became apparent that very little funding was available for this sort of venture as golf was pretty alien to most people in Cyprus at that time.

Despite the lack of funding work began on a shoe string basis with bulldozers and tractors being wielded by Robin and his very young sons. As a golf course began to emerge from the sea of olive trees, and before there was anything resembling greens, the public was invited to play some of the bare fairways for a mere £3 per day and asked to just imagine the putting bit. The best thing about imaginary putting is that people very rarely 3-putt and mostly sink their birdie putts!

As money began to come in, the course was slowly but surely improved and expanded to the stage that Vikla is at today. Work is not completely finished as there are still two holes to complete, and we will always be looking to improve the existing course where possible. The current course requires that two of the holes are played twice to complete 18 holes. The course is however rated by the EGA.

Vikla Golf Club is a family run business where we believe in creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for all our members and visitors.

The club is run by proprietor Robin Houry, his wife Rita, and his two sons Carson and Jason. We want people to come to our golf club and feel welcome and relaxed from the moment they walk in the door. Although our members are known to take their golf quite seriously, they also know how to enjoy themselves!

The atmosphere is always lighthearted at Vikla and the members and staff will do everything they can to accommodate you when you visit. As customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we try to make sure one of the family is always here to greet and serve you personally when you arrive.

Vikla Golf Club is a semi-dry course that provides a service that is unique and affordable to the masses in Cyprus.

At Vikla our aim is to provide a great facility to golfers looking for an affordable and relaxed round of golf. We have real grass greens and aprons that are tended all year round but we do not irrigate our fairways. Water is scarce and expensive in Cyprus so by keeping our water consumption down we not only benefit the environment, but are able to offer golf at an affordable price. We feel that our policy on water usage brings us in line with what golf courses in hot, dry climates should be like. In the summer the fairways brown off, so like most dry courses, we play our fairway shots off artificial grass mats and are able to enjoy the game all year round.