If you plan to use SATELLITE NAVIGATION to get to Vikla please do not follow instructions beyond KELLAKI if they tell you to go to EPTAGONIA or AKAPNOU!

The road from Akapnou to Vikla is very rough and is used only by the hardiest of travelers. 

Please follow the instructions below for the best route. Thanks.

From Motorway Junction 21, (Parekklisia turn off) head north into the hills.

Stay on this road for around 20 km until you reach the right turn for the village of Kellaki (which you need to take- there is a sign for Vikla Golf Club here too) right after the "Welcome to Prastio" sign that you'll find just over the top of the hill after a long ascent.

As you enter the village of Kellaki you will need to take a sharp right up a hill. There is a sign for this turning and for every turning after this point so you should be Ok from here as long as you keep your eyes open for them.

Once you leave Kellaki you only have 6.5km left so keep following the signs to Klonari, Vikla, and VIKLA GOLF.

The last village you pass through is Klonari. At this point, as you leave the tarmac and do the last stretch on gravel, you'll probably doubt there could possibly be a golf course in this scenic yet remote location. Keep going though! It's worth it, and we look forward to seeing you there!