Tel: +357 99211570

Vikla Golf Club

P.O.Box 51800

Limassol 3508


Welcome to Vikla Golf Club!

​Vikla Golf Club invites you to come and spend a day with us in some of Cyprus' most serene countryside. At Vikla we aim to provide a product that is both affordable and enjoyable.

As water is scarce and expensive in Cyprus we made a decision to go down a different route to the typical green golf resort. We decided to use a small amount of water to keep our greens and aprons lush, but to allow the fairways to naturally dry out and green up with the seasons.. We get round the problem of dry fairways in the summer by playing fairway shots from artificial grass mats which are carried by the golfer.

The course is rated by the EGA and our club is part of the Cyprus Golf Federation.